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Sinai Christian Academy's dress code is based on appropriateness, neatness, and modesty. All uniforms are to be purchased from the school's vendor, Kids Place which is our authorized store ONLY located in Elizabeth NJ. Please allow enough time to order and secure your child's uniform.

All students are required to wear uniforms as follows:



Ø Khaki Pants, Khaki Skort, Khaki Skirt (at least 1 inch below knee) are acceptable or Black pants.

Ø A short sleeve Burgundy Polo Shirt with the school logo short or long sleeve with the school logo that can be ordered through the school office.

Ø ALL students MUST purchase and wear the Burgundy Fleece with the school logo. These are to be ordered at the authorized store.

For Gym


Ø Order Burgundy sweats and gray t-shirt with the school logo for colder days, and the t-shirt with burgundy shorts for warm weather.

Ø On gym day, if a student is not prepared for gym, he/she will not be allowed to participate and will be given a zero. This will be calculated into the student’s average gym grade. Failing gym can result in failing the grade for the entire year, and is cause enough for retention. The school office will not make calls home concerning forgotten gym clothes, so parents, please make certain that your child is responsible in preparation.



Ø SOLID ALL black shoes with rubber soles or clean, neat sneakers are acceptable. No sandals, open back, slip on, clogs, or high heel shoes are permitted.

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